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This is really in response to TheGeek’s ‘Cosmo and that ‘C’ Word’ post he did yesterday.

And in a nutshell – You are simply better to go and get fit instead or believing bullshit magazines.

Men’s Magazines

When I’m out and about browsing the newsstand, I’m often glancing at the men’s health and fitness area.

Yep, I know myself I get conned by all the promises and sometimes feel a little inadequate in my own self-worth when I see some of the headlines.

Those ones that promise I can get Six Pack Abs in just 6 weeks.

That’s their hook for the sale – guilt, frustration, and diminished self-confidence.

Do you think a woman with real values is looking to maintain a healthy and real relationship with some pinhead who admires his abs and has nothing else going for him?

Be real and get real about exercise
Be real and get real about exercise


Six Packs (Get Fit) – Get More Sex


Get the great 6 pack and women will be falling over themselves to get their hands on every bit of me and wanting more sex than I’ve ever had before.

Thinking about it now, the magazine is aimed at the very people who don’t look like those portrayed on the cover.

What’s that do?

It’s designed to make you envious of the cover guy, want to buy it, and get sucked into trying their less-than-proven ‘get ripped’ claims.

Look, I’m in pretty good shape, active in sailing, and little of the tummy fat that most guys my age suffer from.

I’ve tried these ‘get ripped’ exercises and they’re rubbish. Some of them claim to get you a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

Well, you’d have to Charles Atlas with an extremely fast metabolism to even hope of getting close.

Guys, like TheGeek, says I repeat, take to Google and look to simply start off in doing regular exercises that your lifestyle can maintain on a consistent basis.

It’s like a habit.

You need to firstly get in the groove, find you like it, and to do that, you need to find something that’s going to work.

You can use KettleBells from home if that works. I’ve got a number of friends that swear by these things. Little equipment, huge range of different exercises and you can do them from home and even take them with you in the boot if you’re on the road a lot.

Bottom line: Men’s Health and Muscle Magazines are rubbish for the average guy looking to get fit.

Don’t get sucked in by them.

Men's Health Mags - My Response - Get Fit Instead 1

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3 thoughts on “Men’s Health Mags – My Response – Get Fit Instead”
  1. Get fit and healthy cos you want to get fit and healthy. But not because you want to get laid – any woman worth being with is more interested in who you are than your muscles.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Jo.
      While I do understand the ‘get fit to get fit’ part, I can’t help but wonder whether the physical side of some muscles also plays a part in the initial attraction process.
      What are your thoughts there?

  2. hahaha Oh, how many times have I seen that Photoshopped muscle pic floating around on the Internet, Mitch :)

    Thanks for the post too.

    Agree, Men's magazines use exactly the same mind games as the Ladies' mags. Make you think you need something, give it to you in the publication so you're compelled to buy it – Marketing One on One, mate.

    And, yeah, I admit to falling for the same tricks in the past too. Though doing a bit of Googling popped up all sorts of great and free information sites that were populated by real people giving real life advice and information. Contribution!

    I must try out Kettlebells as you mention too. I've been meaning to for years now. Easy and little equipment needed and from what I have read, you're able to get full body workouts as well as muscle building routines without the hassle of gyms. Ideal for people who prefer that kind of stuff from home (or out of a car boot)

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