togetherness, flowers, honesty and rethinking to save a relationship

Here are my own relationship tips that I’ve had success with when I’ve had problems in what I thought were healthy relationships, with my past partners.

So hopefully I’ll get some feedback on the relationship advice that I’ve posted, from the ladies too.

Learn Better Relationship Tips Togetherness

I know we all have relationship problems, from time to time, and those relationships sometimes get stale and it’s something that sneaks up on you both.

It’s not a fault, it just ‘is’ and certainly something to have in your mind, to keep an eye on.

Sometimes I pick it up just in time and at other times I don’t; which can cause difficulties and arguments. But anyway, you’ll know your own mutual interests and those of just her (or him, for the ladies and gays).

It’s really simple to do too.

What interests your partner – may be something as simple as shopping which a lot of guys tend to dislike. Don’t look at it as shopping but rather look at it as togetherness, closeness, and a gift – it’ll take on a whole new meaning for you.

Maybe even learn or do something completely new – never had a game of tennis or golf?

Give it a shot as it opens you both up to discovery and a mutual challenge.


Rethink the situation

You know, often when the situation gets quite heated, the first thought that comes into my mind is to simply bail out and move on and I’m sure that thought is a mutual one.

But think about this for a moment:

No woman (or man) is perfect.Tweet This

Yeah, sure, the next one you pick up might be smarter, hornier, and even wealthier BUT you’ll soon grow tired of their crap too.

Your best move is to calm the hell down, look at what the situation is really all about and start talking to your partner and resolve things.

Yep, that old line of ‘Talk to her, calmly, honestly and openly’


Brutal Honesty

As in every relationship I’ve ever had, there’s the fighting, arguing, and screaming matches.

be honest in every relationship

No relationship is perfect and situations crop up that get on each other’s nerves.

So you do resolve the problem.

Right before that makeup sex, forget the ‘I love you’ cliche and give her a jolt of brutal honesty.

“You know, beautiful, you’re the only person I’d ever tolerate talking to me that way. You’re that amazing”

And it’s true, isn’t it?

You love her and that love allows them the latitude for being frank and brutal with you – let them know that and they have a very special place in your life.



This is an easy one.

habits and rituals that you first used when dating

The journey from that first date, to where you now, have likely seen you forgetting some of those habits and rituals that you first used when dating.

You know those nice little things like bringing her flowers, resisting that male urge to fart in front of her, or even opening the car door for her.

You’ll be really surprised how much the chivalrous rituals of old times really do have an impact on your ladies’ happiness so reinstate some of them for her.


Maul her

No, I don’t mean in a brutal way ☺


A mini-maul, mildly rough nuzzling, and it’s gentle and all for her to show them you’re really ‘into’ them.

Just do a mini-maul for 10 seconds without your head thinking that it’s sex-related – it’s ‘her’ related.

And do it when she least expects it – a surprise.


What about you?

Well, those are some of my winning ways in saving the situation from going to the trash bin.

What do you think of them?

Do you have some of your own that you’d like to share as there’s always more we can do for our partners when it comes to relationships?

Let me know your own relationship-saving tips in the feedback below.

My 5 Life-Saving Relationship Tips 1

An aging Yank living in Seattle, Washington.

GaryNesbitt – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

8 thoughts on “My 5 Life-Saving Relationship Tips”
  1. I love this and think that every guy should read. There are so many ways to keep the relationship exciting! I like it when my guy sends me random texts or emails saying that he misses me or is thinking of me. Handwritten love notes never get old for me especially after an argument. This confirms his feelings for me. Little gifts don’t hurt either.

    1. Yeah, this is a great little list for guys, isn’t it, Alba?
      Tell me though, while this is mostly a list for guys, women can take a lot away from it as well.
      When you get into arguments, what do you do?

  2. Good one, Gary – really helpful list, mate.

    I know I always try to be courteous at all times with my partners – that's just a must-do with someone in your heart.

    And you know, the occasion bunch of flowers at an unexpected time always brings a smile and hug to my ladies' lips so that's a nice thing to see … always.

    look forward to seeing more stuff


  3. Thanks for this, Gary – you've been quiet of late, mate.

    I do like the courtesy one – that's an oft forgotten area, for us guys and I'd guess also for the ladies.
    I'll chip in with a few of my own:

    [1] Random act of cleanliness – a lot of guys aren't as neat around the house as their ladies so they tend to sometimes get a little messy and the lady tends to clean up after them. Doing this yourself and especially cleaning up something that isn't even your mess will be noticed and appreciated
    [2] As Tetka mentioned too, instead of asking your buddy about your women's increasing distance and dropping temperature, ask her yourself. As in all things relationship based, talking it over with your partner really is a vitally key factor in getting things back on track.

    Great article, mate – thank you again

    1. Thanks Martin.

      Those are some good tips as well. I've added them to my list too. Thank you, my friend and thank you for commenting too.

  4. Love it, Gary … you are very cool in your transparency.
    I will always remember way back then, my ex husband was working, working and time together was a no go zone, then he decided to add training Karate into the mix.
    Well what does a gal do… if you can't beat em, join em… .. so there in began what was to be the catalyst to where I sit today, amazing, who would ever have thought a giggling female trying to throw a punch ending up attaining my 2nd dan black belt at 49yrs. The art was in my blood, no matter how many times I stopped, I was drawn back into this ancient art.

    I cannot clearly say what works in a relationship right now, as I am single, however one thing I do know: there is no blame and no shame, in other words: If I have an issue -it is something I need to deal with.
    The best way I see that happening would be to talk it through and get to the core of the real problem, healing can then happen.
    Amazing when we heal ourselves how we do not attract the yuk.

    I know my way is not everybody's way, so look forward to hearing other peoples' perspective as after all, we are all students of life and relationships or potential relationships are out greatest teacher.

    1. Hello Tetka
      Thank you for your comments to my post here – if more people expressed their thoughts and supporting tips, we can all grow that little bit more into better people, I think.

      I'm glad you found my 'tips' interesting. Now to get more and more people involved as I can plainly see this site has so many ways to help people worldwide, don't you think?

      No blame, no shame, is so true – GeekandJock is a wonderful educational experience for me at the moment as I'm learning to be a better person. Grateful for your connection.

      1. It was easy to express thoughts to your post Gary.
        I love hearing viewpoints from males, especially men who are consciously evolving, thank you.
        and Yes I agree, the more people who get involved in conversations the better as it offers tremendous value
        in building Circles of Trust.

        Look forward to further blogs from you Gary.

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