martin cooney and his life pivot towards dreams and happiness

Your Life And My Life

Change your life to something different and better
Change your life to something different and better

Here’s why I moved to live in Bangkok, Thailand:

We were put on this Earth to make a difference and to improve our lives and those of others.

If that was never our goal, what really is the point?

Is your focus on improvement, of yourself, the community and your loved one?

I personally believe it is.

But Life has a tendency of serving us up a shit sandwich when we least expect it.
And through my life (as well as recently), I’ve had to chow down on that buffet, on more than a few occasions.

But you can’t give up and neither am I. I set myself on a path of finding my own rediscovery.

I am personally motivated by others and I would like you to first listen to the haunting music from Cloud Atlas, which has the undeniable flow of taking you from a low point and raising you to the level of hope (4:10) so just listen.


Suck It Up and Make a Change

If I keep doing the same thing, I'm always going to get the same result!

I know this to be true, always (and without question) – even if you don’t see it.

In my own life as well as seeing it being played out in the lives and actions of friends and family.

I HAD to change it up, take a different path that made sense and move forward in my life.




The Video That Made My Life Do The Pivot


– 0:23 It’s Hard Changing Your Life.

I had a significant amount of emotional investment, in what I would call ‘my previous life’. I was attempting to manifest dreams that were always doomed to fail.

It happens and that was my own shit sandwich I eventually swallowed.

That was the first hurdle I needed to overcome.

When you invest so much of yourself into what you believe is your true path and that path fails, then yes, it is going to be a huge challenge to change.

When you come to the realisation that that previous life is never going to amount to anything and that it’s over, you are finally aware that change in your life simply HAS to happen.

Your comfortable life is never going anywhere.

That’s the point you must reach to make the decisive change.

For me, my goals are probably very similar to yours.

I simply want to have happiness and joy as well as finding someone that I can love without question and that someone loving me the same.

With those foundational building blocks, life only gets better and better.

So eventually I knew that something had to shift.

change and pivot your life for more happiness and dreams
Change and pivot your life for more happiness and dreams


– 0:39 There Are Moments When You’re Gonna Doubt Yourself.

Repeat After Me:
“I have within me all that I need to succeed with my dreams”

We all do.

It is the negative thoughts and actions of others, towards you, that gives us doubt and fear.

We all have times in our life when we become unsure of ourselves and our abilities. We’ve lost the faith, through no fault of our own.

I’ve had these growing doubts of myself for the last four years (and never before) but that’s been enough to question myself and my motives.

Thankfully I’ve had enormous help from real friends and have been given opportunities that I have actually seen as opportunities as opposed to doubt and fear.

I am now reclaiming my own confidence in my ability, to move forward.

Thing is, doubt in yourself is misplaced.

You are as good as anyone else and never let someone but try your own trust.


– 1:54 Most People Don’t Work On Their Dreams Because Of Fear

What I have found is that most people don’t work on anything much at all.

The majority of people say they have dreams but it’s all just rhetoric and BS.

They talk the talk but never walk the walk.

They say they are working towards a dream that never do. For most I know, dreams are just a thin facade.

They’re debilitated by fear and the lack of wanting to work with others to reach even their first ‘dream milestone’.

And as I said before, fear comes from others, not from you.

Fear is a product of your own environment and from those we surround ourselves with.

If you surround yourself with people without fear, you wouldn’t have fear yourself.

It would be a foreign emotion to you.

So I would ask you this question.
“Can you pretend to have no fear, crystallise what your dreams actually are and work on them?”

In life, anything is actually possible, if you believe in yourself.

Decide and go and get that dream!
Decide and go and get that dream!


– 2:56 I Challenge You To Define Your Value.

Since joining the XL Foundation Entrepreneurial group, eight years ago, I have always known my value and my purpose.

It’s one thing to know your value but it’s an entirely different thing to verbalise your true self, in words.

Please refer to my own life values post to give you a concept of how I defined mine.

It is a fascinating exercise and one you need to invest in so that you are able to better understand the path you need to take and to realise you’re true dream/s and how to get there.

Like in the video, you need to take this challenge yourself and make it the first step towards your new reality.


– 5:33 Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream!

Greed, Deception, Jealousy And Agendas.

The unfortunate part of life is that the Universe hinges on balance.

Your dreams and aspirations represent positive life force so the balance is there are going to be people that cross your path that simply don’t want you to get happiness and fulfilment.


Look at them as tests, learnings and lessons.

Take on board the negative aspects in humanity and flourish within the positives.

Be discerning and aware of these elements.

Sabotage will come from many who are unconsciously envious of your gift to succeed.

Jealousy in these people are the roadblocks you need to be aware of. I’ve lived through this many times as have many of my true friends as well. Keep in mind that the Universe is about balance and you are the positive.

Discover and rekindle your own dreams and start living them.


– 6:05 You Can Live Your Dream!

Get the losers out of your life!

  • Align with the people who are also living their dreams.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Forget other people’s opinions of you – that’s their own bullshit, not yours.
  • What is your Ideal?
  • What change can you make to break your current rut?
  • What risks are you willing to take?

Are you going to break out of your comfort zone?

You do know your Dream is beyond it, don’t you?


I’ve taken the first step ….

My Life Pivot has only just began.

I am going to live MY DREAM!

Wish me good fortune or whatever you like in the comments below, OK?

  • Do you think I’m crazy?
  • Just aend me a ‘Hello’ from whereever you are.
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Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts, in the comments below.

My Life Pivot and Why This Motivational Video Will Get You There Too 1

Enjoying newly found freedoms in South-East Asia, Martin is a down to earth, honest, quirky humor, compassionate and upfront kinda guy. Easy going and love to laugh. Into good food, wine and great company. I’ll talk and try to help anyone.
Drop me a message and let’s start there, OK?

Martin Cooney – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

12 thoughts on “My Life Pivot and Why This Motivational Video Will Get You There Too”
  1. Hi Martin,

    This is awesome thanks for this great article. This video is my all time favorite motivational speech, I just turn it on whenever I need a boost in my life. “It’s Hard Changing Your Life” but if you believe… everything is possible! Take care and stay motivated!

    1. Ha yeah, me to, David
      I have both the video and the Cloud Atlas song in various playlists to keep my internal noise on track and going in the right direction.
      Everyone needs these subtle reminders, from time to time. Some need them all the time but never listen :)
      You got another good motivational video you’d like to share also?

  2. Well done, well said. Hubs and I have a motto: If not now, when? That helped us turn things around at mid-life and take up what we love – writing fiction together. We live, travel and write full time in our motorhome and plan to keep on doing that until either we don’t like it or we can’t.


    1. Sorry I missed replying to you here, Adriana
      Sounds like you and your husband found the right formula to move forward, together and that’s kind of rare in relationships.
      Congrats and keep doing magic stuff together

  3. Martin,

    I think this is great!
    I know it’s been a challenging year. But what you have chosen to DO with your circumstances…to me…is a sign of emotional intelligence.
    Look – we all have the option to play the victim card – OR – take a good hard look at things and while respecting our feelings and owning them – make deliberate choices based on the desire for overall well-being.
    And this is what you’re doing.
    And the fact that you’ve been vulnerable enough to take the rest of us along with you on your very raw and personal journey only tells me that you are meant to own this blog my friend :)

    I’m so happy for your new venture and wish you nothing but the best!

    1. Hey thanks Dena.
      You both understood my reasoning as well as articulated it, perfectly.
      I’ve had people playing the victim card to me for a long long time and it’s not something I was going to contemplate doing myself. It was a matter of planning what sounds right for me and doing the doing.
      To be honest, there were a few moments when I had a few voices inside asking ‘WTF are you doing?’ too.
      For me, the only way was up and forward – anything else wasn’t an option.
      Thank you too, Dena, for being you.

  4. Wow! I don’t even know where to being after reading this and watching the video. I could probably write a book based on my thoughts right now. Such an inspirational post and video. I will say that I think that many times, we do let doubt creep into our lives, especially when it comes to finding love and we give up. I was single for a long time, going on first dates that never went any further than that. I was on almost all of the popular online dating websites for close to 4 years. I ended up finding my wife, the love of my life. I never gave up hope. I never let doubt sink in. Sure I had doubts after a failed first date, but I never let it consume me. I took steps to better my odds – I re-wrote my profile, I added more pictures, I changed the type of woman I dated so I could really get to know me and what I wanted. All of these things added up and came together to help me find my wife. I never just sat idle. I kept pushing forward, kept growing as a person. That is how you find success. It doesn’t find you, you find it.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the story and video, Don.
      I hope it helps others as it did me.
      Sounds like you’ve got a few guest posts trying to get out from your own experiences too :)

  5. Hi Martin.
    I am pleased you have found your Pivot point..

    I too joined the XL group and watched everyone fall into believing their purpose was to be anyone else other than who they were.. They dreamed big and played a bigger game ..all to feel good about themselves and there life having significance to them..

    I watched as it all fell down in a heap…many people worse off than when they started…because they did not build the foundations first…they chose to look away form there own shadows and invested in a dream, a relationship, a project, anything really to prolong the day of reckoning.

    And when that day came they found themselves blaming, hating, hurting, looking for others to agree with them, anything to stop or help deflect the pain…

    For the lucky they found peace, love, empathy, acceptance and surrender for all that they were, they found a way to love themselves and their come home to who they were at that moment…and then they found peace. As they chose to move from that place everything was full of grace and gratitude…

    For the unlucky ones they found another plan, relationship, project, anything to drag them out and away for those feelings and that part of them they found unacceptable and wrong. They will continue to follow someone, something until they realise that thinking big only comes from feeling small…that the world does not need more greatness it needs more grace and humbleness, it doesn’t need any more leaders it holds it breath for more acceptance and support. As you have said they will repeat the patterns within themselves and the world they measure themselves by, until that day someone holds they still and says STOP.

    I am really pleased for you and love what you are doing here..

    With Love all ways


    1. Long time in coming, Keith and a necessary one. For me anyway.
      We’re all different. This one just instantly made perfect sense.
      And I’m having a total blast too – the second I landed, I could feel all the past BS vanish and that was a wonderful feeling, mate.
      Thank you too for your kind words and your support. You should consider writing a guest post or two here. I’m sure your own unique messages would be warmly received.

      1. Thanks Martin. I would like that as I enjoy supporting people to find the way to their authentic Heart space…
        How do I go about that?…and you “edit” before posting?

        Cheers Keith

        1. Way cool Keith
          You’re now a Contributor so have submit access to the Admin section for entering. Check the ‘Write for Us’ menu for some guidelines – definitely get a Gravatar attached to you email email.
          As for ‘edits’, I don’t edit your words or text content. I do enhance with imagery, links and a video (if you don’t suggest one) which is for better readability and SEO. Email me with any other questions though – glad you’re cool with doing it.

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