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Meet Someone in 2014: New Year’s Resolutions for Singles

If your relationship status is defined as “single” and 2013 wasn’t exactly your year to get lucky in love…the good news is that a brand new one is rapidly approaching.

So if you’ve got plans to ring in 2014 with champagne, confetti and hopefully a kiss at the stroke of midnight, here are a few resolutions for the single guy or gal that can improve your outlook on love and enhance your opportunities for relationship success in the New Year:


Kick your old habits.

If you plan to set ahead with goals to revamp your single life, you’ve got to free yourself from the old habits that are holding you back.

Be honest with yourself as you analyze what attitudes, behaviors and fears haven’t worked in the past for building or maintaining a healthy relationship.

Do you get jealous easily?

Are you possessive?

Do you detract when things get too serious?

Once you clearly define what it is you want to change, you will be mindful not to engage in such actions as you move forward into a new 365 days.


Date outside of your “type.”


If you have a record of dating the “bad boys” or if you are the kind of guy who refuses to date any woman under the age of 23 and your method of selection hasn’t worked in your favor, then it may be time to change your ways.

Try dating people who aren’t what you typically would have chosen in years past.

When you broaden your comfort levels you will find that you also expand your mind, opening you up to people you never even knew existed…it may be unexpected, but you just might happen to be the perfect match!

can you really discover your perfect match
Can you really discover your perfect match?


Switch up your routine.

It’s no surprise that if you do what you’ve always done, more than likely you will continue to reap the same results.

So while you’re resolving to better your romantic life in the New Year, why not resolve to embark upon other new activities as well?

If the only venue you use for meeting eligible singles like yourself is a crowded, smoky bar…get creative and throw some new platforms in the mix to maximize your chances.

Join new groups, take up music lessons, frequent different coffee shops, get a membership at a popular gym and even try online dating.


Don’t waste your time.

In this busy world in which we live today, your time is precious…so why waste it with someone who’s not?

When you first start dating someone, listen to what your gut tells you about them.

If you stay with a person who you know isn’t the one and your intuition is telling you to run for the hills, you could be setting yourself up for serious failure; when you settle for someone who is only Mr. or Mrs.

Right Now, you could be missing out on someone out there with the potential to be Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT.


Be happy with yourself.

Before you venture out in search of a relationship,

it is crucial that you enter your journey with a ready and open heart.

If you are single because you just recently exited a relationship, make a resolution to enjoy some “you” time for a while so that you can figure out what it is that you want in yourself, a partner and in your next relationship.

Whether you have someone or not, resolve to always carry a positive attitude and remember that happiness attracts happiness—this way you are sure to have a successful year no matter what the romantic outcome!


Your Turn

What’s one thing you’ve done to meet someone new in your life?

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Relationship expert, Joe Morris, contributes to us this guest post on resolutions for singles looking for love in the New Year. In addition to giving relationship advice, Joe also works for Best Internet Dating Sites where he provides singles tips for safe online dating.

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  1. I'm a single woman, age 26 and one of my new years resolution is to find a guy. So, this is just the information I needed to read. Excellent article. Thank you.

    1. Well you've certainly come to the right place in finding out more about finding a guy and understanding them. Deanna. Welcome to the site and thank you for your comment.

      Have you made an action plan to make the New Year resolution a reality?

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