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Online Dating – What Women Want

It’s An Age Thing

Online date markTraditionally women tend to go for older men and men go for younger women, right?

That may be the case in many circles but online dating is turning that on its head.

It seems that women are signing up for online dating sites in their droves, looking for younger men.

So much so that there are even dating sites specifically designed for such women.

Research conducted by some of the largest online dating sites suggested that women are 500% more likely to browse profiles of guys up to 5 years younger than they, and not men that are older than them.

This was no small study either, with over a million matches analyzed.

Men appear to be much more interested in older women now than they used to be.


Girls Have It Easy

Let’s face it; women have it easy on dating sites with an average of 1 woman to every 5 men online.

They have the pick of their bunch and receive many emails daily primarily from men older than them.

This trend is shifting though as men realize that they can increase their chances significantly by looking for an older woman.

Women who are older than their partner also report that they are happy and fulfilled by their relationship compared with fewer women who date people their own age.


Power & Respect

Relationships are most successful if the balance of power is equal.

That could be one reason that women want to date younger men so that they feel they are an equal partner as opposed to being dominated in the relationship by an older male. Women also want to be treated with respect and nowadays a lot of young guys know how to treat a woman well!

For a relationship to work, it’s important that both parties understand what makes each other tick and respect each other’s likes and dislikes.

These qualities are particularly important to women.

balance the power in your relationships
Balance the power in your relationships


Stand out from The Crowd

When it comes to online dating, guys need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure your dating profile doesn’t come across like all the others.

There are only so many times a woman can read ‘like socializing, films and hanging out with friends’.

Make sure there is something on there to spark an interest and attract attention. It’s actually harder to make an impact online in many ways than in real life.

Take the time to talk about what makes you the perfect catch.



So many men get this wrong.

Relationships are built on trust so make sure your profile is honest and portrays you accurately.

There’s really no point in saying you’re an airline pilot if all you’ve ever really done is built a model plane.

It will all come out in the end and women are much more attracted to honesty than they are someone who makes it all up.

If you really want to be successful at online dating – tell the truth!

honesty really is the better policy
Honesty really is the better policy



Online dating is a complicated business but if you follow the simple tips in the article you’ll improve your chances of success greatly.

Just remember to be patient and eventually, you’ll find the one.

Join a dating site now to get started!


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16 thoughts on “Online Dating – What Women Want”
  1. i agree with posting real profile about yourself. What’s the point of faking it, you want to meet and date someone who likes you for you right?

  2. With online dating there are a lot to consider most importantly is trust and be true to yourself. When communicating with someone over the net all you need to say are true about you not inventing things that is not true about you…This post really speaks that ideas of having a relationship on line and very well written article..Good job..please post more article that are truly informative…

  3. Hi guys,

    I’ve had a mixed bag of experiences with online dating. I actually like that in online dating, you have a bigger browsing pool, and advanced search and sorting tools to help thin down the list…

    That being said, I still wait for the actual date (if it happens) to make my mind about someone.

    1. Are you telling me that you’re on online dating sites and still haven’t been on an actual date yet, Stacey?
      Do you think you might be doing it wrong?

      1. Hi Martin,

        I think you misunderstand, I do go out on “actual” dates. The online part is a great way to do some pre-screening and basic getting-to-know (you can’t be too cautious nowadays).

  4. You have to be extra careful to date online. Those rosy pictures you see from the movies may be true but extremely rare in real life. Before you make an attempt to meet up anyone from online dating make sure you have done all the ground work and be convinced that you are making the right decision before you accept the date. Just my 2 cents. lol.

    1. For me anyway, Peter, there’s only so much ground work that you can do until you meet the person in the flesh.
      That’s when the real ground works begins, don’t you think?

        1. But you are really only to really know the person once you’re both present and in the flesh. Groundwork can only get you so far but good to weed out the obvious duds :)

  5. In first instance online dating is like a throwing arrow in air because there are lot of things are still hidden except written in profile like behavior and etiquette. so sometimes it’s very difficult to trust on stranger even after lot of chatting unless you don’t meet them personally and spent time together,,,Let’s talk about the dating ages,,Guys with of the age of 16-25 likes the women of more then there age like above 28 or 30 and conversely it also happens with young girls,,,,But same not goes with ladies older then 30 they like young guys.

  6. Interesting article, Sam.
    For starters, I don’t think we ladies have it ‘easy’ on dating sites at all!
    It’s like a spam frenzy and being attacked from every corner, just because I choose to want to meet a nice guy.
    It’s a particularly frustrating experience, to tell the truth. Needle in a haystack kind of thing.
    I’d like to hear from a few other ladies, just what they think too. Dating sites are a right royal pain in the a*se lol

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