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A Wedding … On an Island?

Truth be told, planning your wedding is not exactly the easiest thing you will do in your life.

Especially if you are the kind of person who has always dreamed of a perfect big day.

consider an island wedding for ultimate romance
Consider an island wedding for ultimate romance

Weddings nowadays are more than picking/sending invitations, selecting flowers and making sure the napkins match the style and theme of the venue.

In all fairness, the nuptial is mostly about you and your partner having a good time in a location that you both enjoy.

Therefore, if you two met on an island and have ever since dreamed of having your wedding there, you should forget about what your late cousin whom you spoke with twice in your life thinks and just go ahead and do it.

Let’s go over some things you need to account for in order to ensure your big day will go smoothly and be enjoyable for everyone.


Carefully Pick the Time of Your Wedding

First off, if you want your wedding to be private then you should pick a date when the island is not overrun with tourists.

Another paramount reason why you should give some serious thought to the date of the nuptial is the quality of the wedding pictures.

It suffices to say that the internet is full of wedding pictures featuring photobombs as well as the notorious trolls.


Have Plenty of Sunscreen and Bug Repellant

In spite of the fact that you have a hectic schedule just before the wedding, the truth is that it is very hard to resist the attraction of the warm sand and crystal clear water at times.

After all, can you think of a better way of relaxing after a whole day of running around than a quick dip in the ocean?

remember the wedding vows sunscreen too
Slip, Slop, Slap
Remember the wedding vows sunscreen too!

If you like water activities and there’s no point denying that you are going to be on the beach to watch the sunset at least once before the big day, you should bring plenty of sunscreen and bug repellant with you.

This way you will have your fun without worrying about sunburns or ugly mosquito bites on your wedding.


Bring Ointment and Creams to Help You Cope With the Hot Temperature and Humidity

Since you are planning your wedding on an island, chances are that you are already considering a casual dress and light shoes.

It is important to point out that irrespective of the style and light fabrics of your gown, the bright sun, the hot temperature and the humidity will still have a word in this.

Consequentially, if you know you have a sensitive skin – and even if you don’t – it does hurt to have some moisturizing creams and ointments with you.

Otherwise, you risk experiencing nasty rashes and irritations that could compromise your plans for the honeymoon.


The Dilemma Regarding the Hair and Make-Up

Even though an island wedding is the perfect location for a more casual bridal appearance, that doesn’t necessarily mean that brides don’t want to look their best for their big day.

The best approach for avoiding unpleasant surprises would be to search for hair and makeup stylists in advance.

Alternatively, if the island is rather small and doesn’t include any fancy hotels or spas, you could consider bringing these professionals from home.


Have Solutions Ready to Account for Bad Weather

Granted, when you think about an island wedding the first thing that comes to mind is just how romantic it would be to have the ceremony on the beach.

However, keep in mind that weather these days is quite unpredictable and that beautiful, sunny morning could turn to a pouring rain by noon on your wedding day.

In order to avert this danger and make sure the ceremony will go ahead as planned, you should start looking for an alternative location, such as a gazebo for instance.


A Wedding Planner Could Be a Life Safer

Despite of the groom’s best efforts to help you out with the planning, it is necessary to point out that many things can still go wrong.

Not to mention the fact that because you are both very busy, there is always the chance you forget about some important details.

In order to be on the safe side and have a bit of control over what is going to happen, you should consider hiring a wedding planner.


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