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What difference does telling a little white lie to your partner really make?

Isn’t it innocent and trivial?

Would you tell a small untruth to save your partner from an embarrassment or hurt or harm?

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Here’s Lying Examples From Others

“I try not to lie to my husband. I’ve done a few little white lies in the past to save him from upset and hurt. And then explained the situation at a better and more appropriate time when I thought he was in a better mood.”

“There’s absolutely no way I’m going to tell the truth to my girlfriend when she asks the question ‘Baby, do I look fat in these jeans?’. That’s just asking for a world of hurt as far as I’m concerned.”

“Lying in any form in a relationship leads to constantly having to cover up a previous lie, with yet another lie. And then once you’ve been discovered, there’s no way to recover that loss of trust. My advice: telling the truth in the first instance is always the best option, no matter what the consequences are likely to be.”

“Listen, I’m my own man and have my own take on the level of truth I deem appropriate to the situation with my girlfriend. If I feel I’m going to be in a better situation by lying to her, then I will. No way am I going to come out the loser for the sake of a bit of truth manipulation.”

Please do not lie or deceive

Please do not lie or deceive


My Own Relationship Confusion

I’ve listened and watched a number of very recent programs on this topic.

What I found personally confusing were the high percentage of people who admit to lying and will continue to lie to their partners.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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