married women cheat too

Women Are Just As Bad

Extramarital affairs are nothing new; they have been happening for centuries and are still quite common.

We still have no concrete reasons as to why women have affairs with married men.

Extramarital affairs can be complex and confusing for both the man and woman, who struggle with the motives for their actions themselves.

Many women seem to agree that their desire to pursue an affair with a married man is usually for the following reasons:


Fewer Strings Attached

Many women who date married men are very serious about their relationship and commit themselves fully to it.

There is no denying that women are attracted by extra-marital relationships because there are fewer demands being made. Married men have fewer demands than a live-in partner or boyfriend would have because they need to be discrete about the relationship.

Women affairs with married men

Women attracted to these affairs believe that they can enjoy all the benefits of a relationship without the commitment. This is a driving force for the man as well, who wants little commitments and just an outlet for his emotions.

If this is the reason for pursuing an affair with a married man, the woman often leaves on her own accord.

In fact, many of these affairs turn out to be just one-night stands.


The Maturity and Security of a Married Man

There is something very attractive in the maturity of a married man.

It could be compared to how young women sometimes fall for the bad boys. In case of married men, women believe that they are more understand of a woman’s thoughts and can provide greater emotional support. Another reason that some women agree with is that a married man seems more financially secure.

In this day and age, financial security is no less an attractive feature in a man.

In this case, the woman is likely to find that being married does not guarantee maturity or financial stability.


Fear of Commitment and Intimacy

Men are often accused of running from commitment, but the same happens to women too.

Some single women, in fact, are willing to have an affair with a married man because of their fear of commitment. This is similar to the first reason mentioned above, albeit the reason for this fear is very different. In this case, the fear of commitment is due to a sense of negativity.

The woman might have gone through a bad relationship and is afraid of setting herself up for further loss and rejection.

The end result of an extramarital affair arising due to this reason, however, would still be loss and rejection.

The woman will ultimately develop strong feeling for a man who is unattainable.


The Excitement

Sometimes an affair is not confusing and does not really affect either the man or woman.

Women can start an affair with a married man just for the thrill of things. Everyone knows that the pleasure you get from the forbidden fruit is the greatest and such is the case for these relationships.


They are also rather short-lived, but there is a risk of things moving from lust to emotion if it stretches on for long.


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3 thoughts on “Reasons Why Women have Affairs with Married Men”
  1. Oh come on now – never ever think that women don’t have affairs or sneak around behind their husband’s back, OK?
    It’s just that they are so much better at keeping it all secret and never telling anyone. If you ask me, they are the better gender for lies and secrets just in the way a women’s mind works.
    Most guys wouldn’t suspect a thing.

  2. My “friend” had a relationship with my husband in 2009. She knew how happily married we were and threw many passes out there before the affair happened. After years of reflection I have figured out it’s not about ME but all about HIM and HER. He was a very narcisstic man and wanted validation from the outside – insecurity within himself caused him to seek outside validation. He told me it had nothing to do with me but all about him.

    1. Oh, it’s been so long, Nancy – welcome back, my friend.
      That ‘not you, it’s me’ line in my view is a crock. It’s always going to be about you as well as him. Things don’t go off the rails, one-sided – there’s two people involved and often the inaction of one leads to the actions of another.
      That all said, he’s an asrsehole for the action he decided to take though.
      Nice friend, by the way … NOT.

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