which of these relationship mistakes are you making right now

The Top 3 Relationship Mistakes You Can Fix Right Now

We’re going to talk about fixing a few of the big relationship mistakes here. For a lot of people, the more energy we spend on our relationships, it’s like the less we know about them.

I include myself in this category when I say I so terribly desire a happy, harmonious, and fruitful relationship with my partner BUT sometimes it seems like we take one step forward and soon after, it’s two steps back.

Ever felt this yourself? Relationship mistakes over and over again?


Here’s some help that might help you understand some of those wrongs:

Mistake 1:

Failure To Understand Your Lover

You might ‘think’ you know what’s going on but chances are you are clueless.

not listening is one of biggest relationship mistakes
Are you really listening? Really?

It’s challenging to read someone’s mind.

OK, I know it’s impossible so you get my point – you DON’T know what’s going on in his or her mind.


And therein lies one reason why relationship success is going to elude you.

What To Do Instead:

It’s About Mindset, Listening, and Relationship Harmony

If what you’ve always done in the past hasn’t borne the successful fruit that you thought it would then do the same thing will always fail.

As difficult as it initially might seem, you simply HAVE to adopt a different view of things.

Are you really listening and understanding?

When your partner is talking to you, are you giving your entire concentration to the conversation?

Do you view things in an antagonistic way or harmonious and a win-win way? Hint: The latter is the right way.

If you’ve got other things on your mind and can’t shake them, it might be prudent to either explain that to them OR excuse yourself (if you won’t get skinned alive) and reconvene immediately after you’ve taken care of business.


Mistake 2:

Not Interested In Mutual Goals

We’ve touched on goal setting for relationships, a little bit before.

Most people haven’t a clue on what each other’s goals are, let alone the goals of the relationship.

If you don’t talk and plan to be a success together, you’re leaving it all to chance and will continue to approach your journey together in a totally haphazard way.

Would you leave your fate, financial status, and life’s destination to chance?

What To Do Instead:

Create a Space, Talk, and Make the Success

This is an easy one. Talk and explain what you both want and plan for magic and success, with sensible compromise. Start small and decide on a few easy and achievable goals and set a date to keep talking.

The more you do it, the better you’ll get.


Mistake 3:

Thinking Your Lover Is Your Business Partner

Who are they to you, primarily?

They should be your best friend, lover, and confidante.

Never think of your partner and lover as someone who exists to get the bills paid. That’s just plain wrong and the priorities are out of order. How would you feel if your lover thought of you as a gravy train instead of with eyes of love?

What To Do Instead:

Forget Life Is Challenging.

Despite the challenges you both face in life, the priority for you both is ‘the success of you both’.

Your lover is your fun-loving playmate. He or she is your companion.

You both must somehow find these qualities within each other and respect and honor them.

While the business side of things is important, your mutual success of the business side ultimately depends on the relationship foundations first. Without the pillars of the foundation, the house will eventually crumble.


That’s the Taste

There’s so much more for us to tell you so you can strengthen your relationship even further.

Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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Martin runs this joint. He recognises relationship mistakes and misfortunes happen – that’s just life and shit happens. He’s passionate in seeking and maintaining the magic in his partnership and wants you to have the same.

Martin Cooney – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

2 thoughts on “Relationship Battles – 3 Mistakes You’re Making In Eluding Success”
  1. Well, I will pick the most mix up relationship which was my marriage. Before we
    got married and after he got out the service I thought we both were on the same page. I was working and going to school and paying the bills. Meanwhile he was looking for work. My kids were very young and he was their step father
    which is another story. I wanted to be with my kids at home and was going to college. When he started working he got mad when I was home with the kids and going to school. Whatever, he thought we comprise on was gone out the window. It became work and pay bills even if you have to drop out of college.
    The closer i got to graduation the worst things got. He did not attend. He just wanted me to work. When I got a job he said it was not paying enough. Our communication was gone. He forgot I supported him we he was out of work.
    I think as you go along in a relationship perhaps ever so often you should redefine your goals to make sure you are on the same page. Talk about readjustments if necessary. Question is, Is it a working Marriage/Relationship or a Marriage/Relationship barely working.

    1. Great comment, Janis.
      Do you think this early experience was a lack of first developing your communication skills between you both? From what you describe, it sounds a little that way, to me.

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