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Welcome and that’s a great question.

You’re wondering about what the future holds and he sounds like he’s constantly providing solutions. As it turns out, some are starting to get a little random.

Men and women continually think along different paths and each person on the planet has their own set of rose colored glasses and preconceived historical influencers. Are you starting to see where I’m going with this?

Somewhere along the line, you’ve both lost the definition of where both your lives are headed. It’s easy to happen and just as easy to remedy too.

Play a Game of lets list what’s important to both of us. Be honest with him and explain you both need to better understand each other and it needs to be light hearted as well as truthful. Take it in turns to list an important aspect of each others' lives and priorities. Keep a stop watch so discussion on each of them can go longer than 3 minutes, before you move onto the next person – that way, any potential conflicts are averted and the discussion is limited to ‘from the heart’ communication.

Think what this is going to achieve for you both. Understanding as well as a rough roadmap. You’ll get clarity on where he wants to go and he’ll better understand your future desires for you both.

Any questions, no matter how small, please let me know.