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Hi, thank you for responding!

At this point, i am over the whole harassement issue. I know he did it and i have the proof. As far as the “relationship” is concerned, i really just want the opportunity to express my feelings, especially about the way he manipulated the situation. I really would like to give him a piece of my mind.

Manipulative, yes that is definitely him. Not only with me, but with his life in general. He cannot seem to take responsibility, and always tries to blame the other party for his woes.

He told me there is no relationship without trust, and he cant be with anyone that doesnt trust him. But I want to be able to trust him, and i want to make sure hes not going to run away and pout like a five-year-old everytime we have a disagreement. But i know some time will need to have passed before we could have this talk. The anger has subsided, and i let him know that i still love him and care for him, even though im extremely hurt. So the ball is in his court, so to speak.