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I think it just has to be me letting go of him completely for now. I do not like it. It kills me. But that's the only way to eventually be ok, I guess.

We won't be traveling together until December 10th, at which time we will be together non-stop for 3 days and nights. That will be the challenge.

I will continue to not communicate with him unless I have to. And I will try to keep an appropriate distance from him while we are together.

Not happy with this conclusion, but I know it is best. Hopefully I will be able to get through these difficult times, and move on from my most recent miscarriage without his love and support. Although I will always have his love in one way or another. I don't doubt that at all.

I really think that his current relationship is doomed whether i am in the picture or not. So if he needs me when that time comes I will be here for him. But i am not willing to play a role in their inevitable break-up, any more that i suppose i already have.