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I would have said exactly to anybody else, what you have said to me. I am still processing two miscarriages. I lean on him for that support. I was in my 2nd trimester for the second one, and it still hurts very much to think about.

In addition, we are legally tied to each other for the next year. We have to travel together from California to Washington semi-frequently to attend court. This will all hopefully be over soon, but we have another trip coming up next month.

We are stuck in the situation together. So i can't fully move on. Nor do I totally want to. I have put as much time and space between us as i can and my feelings for him do not waver. We went through a lot together, and he still has feelings for me as well. But he cares very much about his GF, so for now i am happy being his friend.

They fight over me somewhat frequently because i think she senses our connection. But i have not done anything, as far as she knows, to warrant those arguments and neither has he. While the cuddling etc may be inappropriate, she doesn't know it's happening, and neither of us intend on crossing the line into physical intimacy.