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Firstly, thank you for taking the time and courage to express your situation and seek a resolution – that's the first brave step to healing and moving forward.

There's a few things I'd like some more information on though.

Have you spoken to your ex-boyfriend on compromises and understanding? By that I mean

  • what does he feel romance means to himself and what does he think romance means to you?
  • ask yourself, what really does romance mean to you and do you understand how the ‘ex' thinks about romance?
  • The same for sex. Sex is often a sticking point in relationships since it's often a taboo subject for conversation.
    • Do you both know what each likes sexually? You'd only know this if you've both sat down (clothed) and calmly spoken about it
    • Once you've done the above, the next taboo sex subject is discovering what each other would like to try as well

I understand you've broken up and you also suggest he's trying to be more expressive. Is this because he's doing it to get back together or he's wanting to learn to be more expressive and wanting to do this himself and not because of you?

I'm unsure of both your ages and this factors into what's going on too. If both you guys are late teens / early twenties, it's likely he's just as confused about relationships as you are. I'd suggest you both remain unattached and grow together without the confusion of sex.

I know I've asked a few questions which be helpful to be answered to give some better clarity around your situation.