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Oh cool – thank you clarifying.

Thing is, we all have our own way in dealing with issues, including emotions. I'd be interested to understand whether he was like this in previous relationships. I know my wife's previous marriages were to quiet / introverted guys and she simply fell into line with that behaviour. It took a little while for her to open up and express herself and emotions.

Perhaps this might be similar with him? That said, he might simply be apprehensive to open expression, in case he himself ends up gets hurt or let down. Often when a relationship starts, there's areas that are guarded. Until there are strong trust bonds established, these barriers stay up from a self-preservation perspective.

Can I highlight the need for you to go slow as far as expectations go? He needs to want to do it, without pressure and see the value and benefit to him. It needs to be about him, not you. An individual simply can't expect change in another unless that other person absolutely wants it themselves.