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Hey there, Bella – thank you for visiting and explaining your issue so well.

Ever heard the saying ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink'? You're in that situation right now, aren't you?

Your boyfriend needs to come to his own realization about his own life and his life with you. It's obvious he is on a path that is wildly different to yours. Bringing yourself down to his level at this point will see your life plummet to his, potentially. And you know deep down that you don't want that to happen – you've got magic inside you and a journey to take.

He's not on that journey with you and won't ever be until HE comes to his senses, if he ever does.

As it turns out, you are going to have to let him go. You've already put in time and energy into trying to bring him to his senses which hasn't worked. And just maybe, he'll see what he is losing once you do cut the cord to the relationship – that's entirely his decision to make and not yours.

In short: cut him loose, make plans and execute them for your future and along the way, keep your radar tuned in to a relationship with a person that has the qualities you want.