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In some ways, his notion if ‘buying a house / having a child' is certainly valid. Some couples have a feeling that a relationship is headed for doom and look for solutions that might patch things up – rarely does that work and simply prolongs the inevitable.

[1] I get what you say however does HE think he has a dominant personality?
[2] From a male point of view, moving in together at a relatively young relationship age means more sex, as opposed to commitment
[3] That's a tough lifestyle to be involved in, you know. If he is firmly committed to thinking he is tough to be around in the long term, anyone's days are numbered.

Can I ask you to check out my Ideal Partner article and come back with the missing pieces to your own puzzle? We're looking to move you to a place where you should be as opposed to hanging onto something that simply won't work or will eventually fail, due to incompatibility.

While you believe you still have strong feelings for him, it's becoming more obvious he isn't going to return those feelings and you need to start looking towards your future.