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Thanks for your reply!

He seems now to be interested in buying a place on his own. I think that pretty much came about after I told him I didn't like the house. He said he lost excitement and interest after I said I didn't like the house. He also told me that when he mentioned buying a house together he thought he could live with me for the rest of his life but I guess now he can't. He also said that it was similar to couples having a child together because they think it will save the marriage/relationship. He suggested buying a house to save the relationship. How can it be both of those reasons, they are completely opposite.

I don't see why we necessarily had to buy the first place we saw anyway. If I had said yes to that house do you think things would be different or would we have made that huge commitment and now weeks later he's wanting to be single?

I don't think he necessarily wants me as the no strings partner. He knows I wouldn't go for it anyway.

To answer your questions…
In terms of an ideal partner… if there was an absolute perfect person then in some ways he wouldn't match it but in some ways he does.

1) I have been the main controlling person in the relationship.
2) I think moving in together in the first place is a commitment and it was his idea.
3) He's told me he can't live with people for longish periods of time. He gets annoyed with them easily. He's told me that kind of from the beginning.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this.