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I was interested in him years ago. I honestly can say, I'm not sure now though. This is the first time in a long time we are both single. When he asked me what universities I wanted to do my next degree at, I told him I wouldn't pursue another degree, he then asked me why, and in my explanation I told him I wanted to get married. I come from a slightly traditional Indian family where marriage usually takes place soon after one completes their education (he also comes from a slightly traditional Indian family). So he knows I want to get married and he knows I'm looking for a serious commitment.

He's a genuinely nice person, but if I ask him about his family, he just starts a fight. And it's not like he'll curse me or anything like that (he's never cursed me, like I said when he was a teenager he'd talk about the assets of a woman, like “oh your boobs look nice today”), what he will do is question my logic and use my own words as evidence against me as his defense; which drives me insane!

I've known him for 8 years and all I know about his family life is that he had a really bad childhood; his father was an alcoholic and from what little I can piece together, his father wasn't exactly nice to him and his mom. At some point, his parents separated, and he stayed with his mom, but he doesn't talk much about that aspect of his life with me. He won't even talk about his current family life with me. I do know he's never had liquor.

I like talking with him; I feel so comfortable, I know he feels comfortable but anything related in the slightest bit to his family he just…freezes up. I want to continue, at the very least, to be his friend. And while his behavior has improved since we met when we were 18, I just don't know what to do from here on out. Because as you read, he's not talking with me. I sent him an email inquiring his opinion on something, and I just got it back today saying that it looks nice. That was it! He didn't say hi, he didn't say what's up? He didn't say anything in the email except “it looks nice”. And all my attempts prior to that email at contacting him was met with no response.

I don't know what to do.

Confused Female