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Well, if you currently don't have any interest in him as a boyfriend, let him carry on the way he's going now. No skin off your nose so you're free to go your own way.

If you do have an interest in him that you'd like to pursue, there's probably a few questions and situations that need covering off first.

  • You need to discover that he's thinking the same thing. That's going to be a little challenging to do but it needs to be done. The best way is to be straight up and ask him. Such as ‘Hey, you know when you sent me that email? I got the impression you might have been interested in something more and if that's true, I'm kinda open to it to. If not, that's cool too.'
  • Secondly and best before anything does start if that's what he's thinking, you guys need to clear the air on his mother and conversation around his family.
  • Thirdly, lay some ground rules when it comes to talking between you. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. Trust is definitely a key to a strong and enduring relationship.

Make sense so far?