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sorry for the long post above but here is more insight to see why i am confuse as of what to do.
Yesterday after I wrote this post we did talk like normal, but he still seemed really depressed and upset and even mentioned he felt (burnt out from work and everything going on and is emotionally tiered) He also tried to be mushy and gave me phone kisses and said i love you twice. I didnt mention the issues of the day before or how we almost broke up, I didnt bring up my confused state either I decided to just listen and go with the flow. Once he went to bed I felt really more confused than anything becaue the day before he wanted to leave and said there was not connection but then last night along with the text from earlier yesterday he seemed normal and still wanted me around.
Today I send him my usual morning text ( alittle later than usual because I am not 100% sure what im suposed to be doing) he texted that if i hadnt texted he wouldnt of woken up and that he over slept and would be cutting it close to work. The rest of his texts since have been totally normal even joked around with me and everythig. If all this is stressed based how do I support him to a point where I am not pushing him away at this already confusing state.