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yesterday he came over and the whole morning till about three was perfect. He was sweet he was cuddling and loving and even in a moment of i guess happiness he stated ” i don't want to lose the one good thing i have ” we watched the NYKS game and had fun like actual fun no stressing even when he brought up the conversation about distance it was ok like he mentioned he does still have a connection but he feels a part is numb but he knows he loves me . we went to see a movie and during the movie he checked his watch and from that point his attitude changed it was evident in his behavior he was frustrated or upset.

When the movie was over I asked him what was wrong he said nothing was wrong. we began to talk and he asked if next week he could come and stay over and have a weekend of fun and just some time away from all the craziness going on in both of our lives. Of course i said yes. As we continued to talk I brought up how I felt a little confused before an he said well ” Im trying to make it work aren't I , I do care a lot and im trying i just cant assess all my feelings right now but im trying ” as he kept driving the conversation took a different route and he began to talk about how he does not want to go home (because of the issues at home ), and from there it was like his entire mood changed.
Once he got back home we talked on the phone and he seemed normal and happy and still was mushy and kept saying I love you

I know I cant fix his issues for him, but how can I be there for him in a way that may help him while not feeling like everything can fall apart at any given time.