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I think I can try to help as a friend. and taking it back a little I am going to try to it just hurts a lot right now because i feel like my heart is all in it and although he says he is in it and we are together and that he loves me and cares at this moment it doesn't feel concrete. I know he is going through so much right now. I have been trying all day to stay away from texting him and calling and try to get through my clinical day at school and I really began to feel down and questioning if it can get better. I only have a few more weeks like 3 or 4 till the end of school and I would like to have my head set on that. A friend suggested getting away from him for a while, but that thought hurt more than staying with him through all this. Which in every relationship there are hard times if you bail during those times its not fair or the other person and its not right. I dont want to do that anyway. I just i would like to know where I stand for him right now if when he says he loves me and cares is true or when he acts out and gets all grouchy. He still comes to me when hes hurt or scared or upset and I know that shows he cares but I just i feel like i want to make sure he does care and that we can get through this. I will take it back a notch though