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This weekend has been a definite test t everything we have been currently going through. this friday he had a guys night that ended up miserably for him. He ended up stopping by my home and sleeping over. Once he got up for the day all his feelings came out and he finally said how What happened two weeks ago the break up threat and everything he was just over stressed and finally had a break down . He said now that the year is clearing up and work is getting much better he feels like all our connection is coming back and he realizes that if I had allowed him to leave once he came back to the normal amount of stress he would of felt horrible and been worse off.

While he was sleeping from his adventurous boys night out I used his phone. My reason was he had “lent ” his friend who was also a part of the fun night his car. But nothing was said of the return or when it would happen. So I decided to text his friend to find out the where about of the car and all that jazz. After texting his friend I saw a message sent to a friend of his named “cindy”. the text messages were from one day and it was just the wording I did not like and I got hurt from it especially since they were during this week when things were kind of not so great. I confronted him about it and he apologized said that she is just a friend and that he respects my concern and will not continue Texting.

The rest of the day went fine he was more open about his feelings with us and everything.

Its late in the night now and after the long ride home he finally gave me a call and I was holding in a couple of questions about the text issue. I brought it up and he became frustrated and said ” I apologized I told you i wont text her anymore she is just a friend I respect you respect your wishes and I understand why Your mad and how I am wrong but I dont want to talk about this anymore its done. We spoke about it all day and I just dont want to talk about it anymore”. I feel like these two weeks have been an absolute roller coaster and like Once he says not to talk about it anymore if i force the issue it will ruin how far we came to fix this and its still in the just getting fixed phase. Should I be concerned with this or just let it go since we came back so far from what we had going on before. I have had issues with my insecurities in the past and Its something I am still working on and I just dont want to get hurt. He made it clear he doesnt want to talk about it and that he understands why i was upset and he apologized. I just wonder if i should be concerned