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I was able to drop the whole texting thing, because I realize its not that serious. Since the huge fight things have calmed down a bit I stoped asking if he cares and what not. This week has been a little unsteady mostly because we havent really been able to have time to talk (or I guess for a guy its enough but not necessarily for a woman). I havent brought it up to him or anything in the fear that It will just cause more stress that he doesnt need right now.

This week he has really been serious about the whole getting a car and moving out mission. Due to the incident with his family (this one finally tipped the ship). So all week he has been running around getting things done and doing his gym time. I have been supportive and everytime he asks if im bothered by the fact that he hasnt been able to give alot of time i say no its all fine I totally understand. It does bother me a little but i have been throwing myself into the studying and trying to put away all the worries for after my last two exams. I will be finished with this semster soon and he will still have another month left. Last night he was really eager to look at cars and apartments which is great a year and a half ago I was nagging him to go and get everything together because thats when his family issues really began to stir up. But now that he is actually doing it.. I am starting to feel a little left behind. I am happy and proud that he is finally doing what he needs to do for himself to be happy, I just feel like im not there yet even though I would love to be. My circumstances have not been the easiest lately and I am trying to move forward with my career and get my self together too. Before this whole fight we had planned to move in and get everything set ‘together'… When i asked him yesterday if we would still be moving in together. He said at first no not sure but eventually he does want to live with me. Not sure if this is good or not since before this we were sure (or atleast to me knowledge we were) that everything we would be able to do together. He has come out of the grouchyness and mean vibe. Now he is more serious and mission oriented on his goals. He is still caring and from time to time says things that shows he care but I still feel like I'm avoiding mentioning or asking for a little more of anything just to prevent stressing out. Do I keep holding it back until school is over or his school is over or do i give it a shot now?