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Hey Yvonne,

Hey, sorry I didn't get to this til now and it took me a little while to read through it too.

You know, the guy (to me) is on the edge of burn-out or some stress related problems. And you guessed it right, from what I read. His nerves and emotions were more than likely red raw which provoked his reaction to you about no connection.

Question: Are you two living together or apart?

So what next?
[1] Obviously you know to be supportive. Even so, also be yourself and avoid tippy-toeing around since that's unnatural.

[2] When he's less stressed, like over a weekend or a break, that's probably a good time to approach the subject of helping him and supporting him with all these stressful scenarios.

It's a matter of him solidly recognising you as a partner and partners help and support each other through the tough times, to enjoy the good ones together. Peas in a pod and all that.

It'll depend on how the conversation flows and could be as simple as a list of all the stress he's getting and mutually deciding how the two of you can deal with each one.

Is this making any sense to your situation and understanding, Yvonne?