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We've already spoken about chilling out which you sound like you're coping with.
Though you also need to be careful he doesn't mistakenly take this as an opportunity to walk all over you too, Yvonne.

The point of this is you probably need to set some foundational ground rules in this relationship that you're both comfortable with and willing to accept – which will involve some compromise on both sides.

Start small with a list of 5 things you need for your own security and comfort. From the sounds of it, you'll also need to pick the best time to approach him to talk about subtle shift. When that opportunity presents itself, you need to be in a calm mindset with an approach like ‘Hey babe, I've been chilling and I think this is a great time to get a few things sorted like what you and I want as the best groundrules to make us both happy and comfortable. This is important'

Is this something you see working in your situation, Yvonne?