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Things lightened up a bit they are not bad but not the way they were before April. He has had his guy night and I have learned to have my girl time and especially my me time again. this week I have been working crazy hours and along with those hours I have been his personal assistant. Meaning sending out his resume scheduling his stuff organizing his calendar and filling out applications for him. Since he can't really do it right now since the school year for high school students is coming to an end for the teachers though it means speedy grading and final making. We have been stressed out with work and me with trying to get into another program and stuff. we did the bring up 5 things or rules we should have and compromise on and I have kept my part and he has tried to keep his. I let go when he acts a certain way because I figure he's tiered from work and stressed ( don't poke the bull). I am a bit concerned that this is going to be this way even when he is out of work for the summer. He is looking for a summer job teaching (well I am looking for it) How do I go about bringing up me concern and a possible preventative solution without making him feel like I am pushing him or that I am criticizing him.

I have definitely learned how to compromise a lot this last month or so but asking for something I was still seems a bit nerve racking because I am still a little unsure if he feels like he is sure about us.