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Things got worse. We broke up today. I am really hurt and confused I called him to try and talk things through because it just came up on the phone when I was on my way home from work . I asked him to think about it and when we did talk again later in the day he said that he was still coming up to see me on sunday and when I asked if we are back together and we are okay he just says he doesnt know he wants to think things through and he just wants the night to think and he would call me again tonight. he also said that he just needs a little time and everything will be okay. So we hung up and I am still hurt because I am not quite sure what to do or say and how to fix this I just dont know what to do or say.
How this happened was he was getting ready for a guys weekend I asked him if he could give me some time before he left and he made a huff sound and when I said ” i only ask because all week you have been in a not wanting to talk to have time mood because of your issues with work and school” from there he just says i dont know its just not fun u seem to just be serious and stuff now its not fun what ever its over” then hangs up like nothing. After house later that is when he calls back and we have the conversation above.

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