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I think it's time you start to own your power, Yvonne.
There's a serious lack of respect from him to you and from what I read, he's using the ‘upper hand' in a bad way to do what he wants and when he wants, without regard for you and your needs.

This is a liberating time for you too – dump his ass in your mind and look for someone who is better for you and your needs. Do this in your mind and shape the characteristics of who that person looks and feels like.

When ‘he' calls (if he calls), plainly tell him he's obviously not the right person for you and don't call you again. This is likely not the solution you thought you'd be hearing but it's time for a wake-up call to him. He'll go one or two ways – he'll realise he's a fucking idiot and come back to his senses or he won't.

If the latter, then he really isn't the right one for you and you need to start your journey to find who is.