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i think I probably should have listened to you. Saturday after we agreed o work on the relationship I was confused still but I felt a bit of hope. Sunday we didn't really talk until the evening. What I had thought we agreed on working together he seemed to switch it on me . He brought up that he doesn't know if it can work or if there is any fixing we can possibly do . I've said it before maybe I'm dumb or don't respect myself what ever it may be I do want to be with him and I do want to make it work . I am willing to fight through my issues and insecurities and try to make the changes or the things he needs. From him I just want for him to be able to handle his stress more & for him to communicate. right now I am in a stand still filled with confusion I am not sure what we are or what to do . last night he said he isn't sure if it can be fixed worth fixing & if i would even be able to change . I am willing to try and fight for our relationship we didn't get to discuss further that what he said because he was tiered or what not and he said we would talk about it today. I tried to not bother him today and only text-ed him good morning from which he did quickly respond and we held a normal conversation about his job. so now for the later portion of this day I will probably wait for him to contact me in a sense of giving him space but i would like to fix and change our issues for the better and i do think we can if he does contact tonight how would I go about asking him to continue the relationship and mending the things that need to be mended.