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So what next?
[1] Obviously you know to be supportive. Even so, also be yourself and avoid tippy-toeing around since that’s unnatural.
YV: after what happened on wednesday night I feel confused as to how to approach bringing up the subject he was so sure of breaking up and the loss of connection and now even as I type he has been texting me and speaking to me like nothing has happened. (and since we are still together) its normal but I feel like I want to know if what he said was in the moment or if it was really the truth if so how do I proceed in re connecting and what do I do ?

[2] YV: AGREE! I was not even going to bring it up until I notice he was much calmer, the weekend seems like the perfect time since he already has planned for us to go out to dinner and have a date night.

Is this making any sense to your situation and understanding, Yvonne?
YV:yes it is I guess I am just taken back a bit by what was said tuesday night, and hurt. Couples have arguments but this I felt was really strange One day he says there is no connection then the next two days after he says fine to staying and we work on it its like nothing happened and he is more talkative than before.

I know what I did that made him more stressed on our end and i know now that at this time the relationship should probably be his escape from the other things going on.