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there is no re connecting after the spiral downfall. We broke up today (for good) he told me he no longer loves me even after saying he did five min before and that he doesn't know himself or what he wants because of everything he is going through . The last feew weeks I have been trying to get him a job and d everything for him. and just help him I did it without any complaint and all I asked was for some time. Last weekend we had fun until he got into an argument with his family and then he said things that made me feel like he loved me and was worried I would leave. Then today after not really speaking to each other in two days because he was having tons and tons of guy time. I asked if today we could have time together even if for an hour the response I was given was i don't know when I will have time for you plus im going out again today. So my response was that Its fine I just want an hour or so of us time. then he said that he desnt know who he is anymore and he feels like he is dragging me along and that its unfair and that right now he is not sure of who he is and he wants to give my mother the ring he was going to give me since it was originally hers. As I tried to get him to explain more about why he feels like we cant work
i got that he just knows im not the one and with everything we been through he just doesn't feel like putting in the time right now because of what he has going. Just last week he had no issue asking me to do things for him or for me to give him money when he needed it. and now its like im nothing he never said thank you for the stuff I did or gave me the time i wanted. I know I should of listened the first time but I hoped everything could get fixed. I am just hurting now that four years was thrown away only to be told im not the one and he doesn't love me because of the things that have happened. I am also afraid i wont ever find anyone else. which is probably something stupid to think about right now but I am upset and he wouldn't let me get a word in to discuss what went wrong.