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I'm sorry to keep adding but I want to make sure you see the whole issue.

So he brought it up today by stating that he was going to go forWalk then he will call me because he feels anxious and upset (he heard some bad news about a friend of his being fired from his job) about some news at work and he said he apologizes for how he has been acting he is really stressed and can't function. I said it was ok and that I understand . He brought up that what he said on Tuesday he meant though he has felt that we can't even have a conversation that isn't about “how the relationship is doing, when we are going to make moves, how he feels about me, and if everything is ok” I know now my mistakes and what I was doing wrong . Now that I know I want nothing more but to fix it. So I asked him then about how is it he can feel that way and then be totally normal yesterday and today with me, his response is he loves me . I felt really bad because he stil thinks we cAnt work right. Then something got into me and I asked him ” do u think its worth fixing like do you think if we work on it we can get back to where we left off” he said “it's possible, it's definitely possible” . He had to go on his walk and stil right before saying he would call me back he says he loves me and gives a kiss. This the i love you's and the kisses they are so confusing he is saying no connection because of how much I was insisting to talk about the relationship and the pressure from before that I admit to now realizing my mistake and understanding why that made him feel the way it did. But even as he is saying it five seconds later he shows some kind of emotion towards me . How do I fix this even if he is wiling to try. I know I played my part in all of this but I just want to know if we can come back from this?