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Let me start and answer the last question first, Yvonne.

There's always hope, OK?

So there's certainly the mushy stuff because there is still a strong connection. It's just that certain parts of the overall connection have been lost due to the continual serious talk.

Which was why I suggested to step back a few steps and think about dating again – which is a little easier since you do live apart. Don't hinge on every ‘out of place' word like possibility and stuff either. That's still showing you're not as relaxed as you need to be.

I've been through the same myself in overthinking too much. When you can get more relaxed and at ease with yourself and him, things will again start to flow.

There's also a quick to read eBook in the Shop called Relationship Success – 3 Mistakes in your Love Life You'll Be Making that you might find helpful too. It's less than a cup of coffee :)