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Adalia H.
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Hello TheGeek.
Thanks for your reply.

Here are the answers to your questions:
1- Basically teeth, jaw, ears and hairs. Her hands are also not that attractive but I'm OK with it.
2- Yes we are, and I think everything works well there YET.
3- No. I don't want to hurt her, AT ALL. I don't even imagine how would I say that to her (!). She can't change it right? then why would I tell her? I understand that everyone (including me) has factors in appearance that may not be attractive to the partner and that's exactly why I'm here because I'm in a dilemma.
4- The interests matches (as far as we have Art in common) but I sometimes feel like we don't have many topics to talk about. I mean, in general life everything's OK when we're talking about daily events but when it comes to discussions (i.e. a political or social issue) I'm the one who talks only and she lacks knowledge. Therefore, I sometimes end up discussing those with my female colleagues lets say. In addition to that, she is older than me (2 years) and I feel like she lacks energy while I'm ready for more activities. This also hurts me sometimes.