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Thanks for the further info, Adalia.

So your dilemma is really whether you're ever going to satisfied with a woman and her looks OR accept that everyone has faults (in your mind) as well as growth to help them become a better person.

You seem to be stuck in a mindset of external appearance as opposed to growing into a far better mindset of exploring a person as a whole. Many younger guys are only interested in a woman for physical beauty and an added bonus is if they act dumb. It's so widespread that it actually impacts on woman as an entire gender.

In an endeavour for you to move forward and past the superficial silliness of teeth, jaw, ears and hair, what exactly do you find attractive with your girlfriend? List at least 30 things and keep going until you get to 30. That will clearly show you the real truth.

Next on your interests comment. Do you think everyone has conversational skills as you do? Also the same knowledge on the same things as you do? Do you encourage and continue to encourage her to chat about all the various things she is interested in or are you more interested in pointing out her faults without a continued effort to life her up to become a great person?

Your real dilemma is whether you recognise you need to change your mindset as well as whether you're prepared to make a decisive change.