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Adalia H.
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Thanks for your reply. I honestly appreciate your comments.

First, I\'ve read that \”physical attractiveness\” is a big factor in any relationship and without that, the relationship will not survive. I\'ve also read that physical attractiveness doesn\'t happen in guys if it didn\'t exist from the beginning. I\'m not sure whether this is a correct information or not and I\'d like to ask you please to describe it a little bit. Thanks.

Second, I think you are right about what I\'m stuck in. I feel like my mindset about external beauty is affecting my honesty in relationship and my life overall. Now, I feel like I\'m stuck with a dilemma whether I love or not (!!!) If I do love her (which is what I think I do) then why doesn\'t she look very beautiful in my eyes? I\'m INDEED more than sure that I love her soul, but what about her look? Do you think physical beauty is not important? What about the chemistry of the relationship? Do I really have to ignore the fact that I don\'t find her beautiful and attractive?
You said I go on writing down 30 attractiveness factors about her; I find this a little bit difficult, believe it or not. At this moment, I\'m more stuck in her faults rather than her beauties and I don\'t know why.
They say \”It doesn\'t matter how she look likes to the world. What matters is that how she look likes in your eyes\” and knowing this, confuses me the most.

Third, about your comments on Interests; that makes me think further and I think you are right. This is what I\'ll be practicing, I\'ll let her describe her world more and talk more about what she likes.

It deeply hurts when I get more physically attracted by other females around, while I don\'t get attracted that much to the one I feel I love and I\'m in a relationship with. They say, a woman is attractive until she becomes yours. When she is yours, you are not that much attracted to her anymore. Is this true?
I sometimes even feel like I made a wrong choice but then I remember how much she loves me and cares about me, and how well our relationship goes spiritually.

What if there exist another woman, with the same personality values but a better look? I know I may sound evil, but this is an active question in my mind, stuck for years and I can\'t answer it. I\'d like to ask you please to describe this as well. Thanks.