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Hi. An interesting situation too.

You know, those very same situations that you fight about are the very ones that just about every couple have, at some point in their relationship.

It's caused by relationship insecurity, a lack of total trust for each other and a lack of acceptance that another person isn't the same as yourself. Oh and the vast difference in the way men and women think and react to relationship situations.

I just reviewed a great book all around the Inner Minds Of Men which gives women a fascinating insight into the thought processes of guys.

As an example, all guys are in a constant battle of competition in all areas of their lives, that includes work, friends, sport and even leisure. That accounts for long hours at work to maintain a perceived advantage over colleagues and explains why work is so incredibly important to a man.

That said, this is why a guy's wife or girlfriend REALLY is a guy's support mechanism – men have no other person we can really trust with our frailties. If that very special bond doesn't exist in a relationship, that makes things mentally stressful for a man.

And certainly do remember men express love and have a different understanding of what love means, to that of women. That's a constant source of confusion to many couples UNTIL they both move to a higher level of understanding and acceptance.

So tell me, do you really and truly believe your guy loves you, despite him not telling you every time you're together? Is your want to be engaged something more of your own affirmation that your relationship is on solid ground?