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If you continue to think that you need to control the relationship – the relationship will eventually be lost.

So …. you need to really understand that, and understand that past relationships have absolutely no bearing on future relationships. That's what's call a mental block, due to you ‘thinking' the past will repeat in the future. Sometimes it might be similar BUT it will never ever be the same.

With that in mind, you have no right to suggest anything that is likely to happen with your current boyfriend has anything to do with past relationships. He's a different guy, with a different background, different likes, different tastes. HE IS DIFFERENT!

Relationships and communication are always ‘Works in Progress', always. My wife and I are still and will always be working on our communication, our understanding of each other and improving our relationship with each other …. this is just life and the evolution of people.

Your communication will get better, the more you two work on it … there isn't a silver bullet or an instant fix.