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i wanted to thank you for all of the advice you gave me on my insecurities it actually has helped and i realize i dont want him to propose to me until he is ready, dont want to force him into something.
I wanted to know if you could share your knowledge on another topic however.
the cheating insecurities are gone and the engagement stuff has died away especially after him telling me he wanted to do it his way and he felt like if he didnt complete my deadline that I would leave which is not what I want to do at all.
Right now I\\\'am realizing that he kind of feels like I dont always see the good he does the other day when he was angry he said that he feels we need to gain our friendship back a bit more he still comes to talk to me about everything but because of the fighting over the engament and everything most of our conversations have been about that. recently our conversations have been a bit more pleseant and caring but i want him tobe able to feel like we can talk about anything again. I keep thinking he is upset with me when he is cranky or in a bad mood. I want to get past the feeling \\\”that he is always upset with me or that I may loose his love\\\”. how do I stop the feeling of always messing up and how do I keepthe best friend ship compeltely alive?

also are there any other relationship books you recomend?
Thank you again forall your help!