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You know, you've done a wonderful job so you should be very proud of yourself in doing the right thing and working towards making a better relationship.

You've got absolutely nothing to be insecure about. It's your boyfriend who needs a rocket up his ass. What an idiot and an immature one, at that.

So what's next?

Your boyfriend needs to wake up, smell the roses and take some affirmative action. Tell him he is being a jerk. His comment about ‘not meant to be together' is a freaking cop-out on his part and displays his lack of comittment as well as his lack of balls in being incapable of starting to live a life.

Sure, parents can be a guiding hand in some things but when it comes to your own happiness and life, this guy of yours is weak and indecisive and allows himself to be ruled (and ultimately hurt) by his family who are out of touch with what he truly wants and needs in life.

You've already booked the trip to NYC – if you know anyone else in NYC, I'd suggest you go. Either with him or by yourself. Let your hair down and have fun.

Tell him all this. If he doesn't want you to go by yourself, let him reimburse you for all monies.

Again, your boyfriend is acting irresponsibly and is immature.
You are the mature one who is blossoming and growing in both security and maturity.
Let me know your thoughts so far.