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insecurity taking over our relationship
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so me an my bf were doing good for some time but recently things have taken a toll for the worst. I am having heart surgery tomorrow and he is being a total jerk about everything. The last week i needed his support and time an i didnt get to see him nor did he make any effort to be nicer or just more attentive. but tonight is when the gloves came off tomorrow is the surgery and i have been worried and nervous all day. i didn't get to talk to him until 10 pm tonight and he was more concerned about his video game than asking me about how i felt and i made it a point to tello him how i was feeling and how i needed him to pay attention and just be sweet for the night and he told me that i like to argue and make issues and that he had been doing all he could already and i was asking for too much . He then said that i made him feel like everything he does is wrong and like a worthless bf but i dont i just asked him if he could be herer for me and not play his game and ask how i was feeling. but i dont know what to do at this point. i feel like right now i just needed my bf to be by my side supporting me through this not making me beg for his attention and pleading for him to stay and talk to me and not be mad at me. i just dont know what to do or say at this point i don't think i didn't anything wrong in asking to be able to see him once this week or in asking him to at least talk to me because i leave extremely early tomorrow and wont be able to talk to him until after i recover.