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Hi again Yvonne.

One thing we all need to remember in a relationship is we have completely different values as well as feelings and communication methods.

So it might be the way you convey your feelings to him. If he perceives this as him always being on the wrong side, then chances are you need to look for a different approach – one that he better understands and can relate to.

Have you asked him how he likes to be talked with when it comes to you voicing your opinion? Maybe you do come across as complaining, I wouldn't know but he would.

Try asking him this “Hey babe, you know I think the way I talk to you is all wrong so I really do want to be better at that. When I've got something weird going on inside my head, how would you like me to tell you about it because your opinion and support means so much to me”.

If you get the same result all the time, doing the same thing is going to always get you the same outcome. Try something different.