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No the questions im asking is how do i stop the need to want engagement to make the relationship feel more secure because i believe that , that is what it may be.

In purely realistic terms, do you think it makes any real difference to a relationship?

I’d suggest not. You still can have fights, you can still breakup and you can still be extremely happy and contented, with or without being engaged or married. That is simply a state of mind and one you need to accept in your own mind.

With that in mind, you now need to make it real so use an exercise that helps you realize that. Write at least 30 reasons on the following two areas:

  • Why I’m happy with my man, just the way he is
  • Why it makes no real sense in wanting so desperately to be engaged

This exercise gets your mind active to help clear out your mental blocks and starts you being able to better appreciate what you have now.