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He's been feeling as though his life is collapsing all around him. He is nervous with it being the time to apply for college. Even with me encouraging him and doing more than half the work for him he still gets pressured with his priorities. He compares himself to me and says he's nervous because he knows I will get into the colleges we have applied to together and he doesn't think that he will. I tried to explain that we applied to safety schools together also but he doesn't want to settle for that. He thinks he's stuck because he postponed doing the SAT or ACT too much and regrets not doing it when I reminded him to. He sorta feels like he's slipping because he procrastinated so much but I think he is really nervous about college in a way. His mom was also really getting on him for procrastinating and pressuring her into helping him when it's all last minute. She isn't very supportive of him going to college much and is much too frugal with money to pay for his SAT and ACT. His sister just goes along with what his mom says and even agreed with her when she called him a racist slur impulsively, even if it was an accident a mother should never do that to her child no matter what. Along with all this his guidance counselor always looks at him in a disappointed manner that makes him uncomfortable. Pretty much the whole world is just seemingly against him and I'm his only beacon of encouragement that still helps him through everything. It's a lot of pressure on him and I'm always there for him I just hate the way he reacts to me when I try to be there for him. He gets so hostile and won't let me near no matter how hard I try for him. He ends up saying hurtful things too. He knows I'm there for him but I think when he's really down he just doesn't want me seeing him that way. But when it's all over he thanks me for being there for him. I just dont know what to do anymore. It feels like he's pushing me out of his life