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Thank you so much for the advice,

I think things have already dramatically gotten worse…. We\'ve just broken up. He told me I haven\'t helped him at all with any of his problems and if anything I\'ve been a burden to him. He told me that I don\'t make him feel like a king and that I can\'t handle him. It became an arguement to where I outright told him how hurtful he is and that I do so much for him already and thy he is being unappreciative. It ended up with him telling me to leave him and I myself (again) saying he\'s being hurtful and he\'s using his problems currently as an excuse. Then after having no contact for a while he texts me and says I don\'t care about him enough to chase after him. Things always go to where I have to chase him and beg him to stay with me while he gets upset and yells at me until things calm down and eventually go back to normal. How do I deal with this never ending cycle?