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insecurity taking over our relationship
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well we are working on the technique u gave us when one or the other is upset. But i know i still have issues with believing that i deserve someone who actually cares due to past relationships. He is great and kind and everything i would be looking for but i still feel like i am not good enough. I am currently still going through school picking grad schools and everything i feel like i'm not sure which school to pick and what I want to do . When he was going through grad school i stuck by his side even though it was very hard since we were not even able to see each other as much and he was always stressed but i tried to be as supportive as i could, we got through it and recently he has mentioned to me that my support ment the world to him because his family was never supportive. I have been nervous and scared that he wont stick around for my graduate years. We both want to live together and make more steps but im afraid that i may set him back from doing everything he would want to do because im still in school he says that my education is important to our progress and everything but im still trying to nudge the feeling of never being good enough for him and that he may just leave one day because im still trying to set my career. Are there any books that you know of that would also discuss this issue ?