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Thanks for your question and background.

Two things I'd like to start with, for you to consider:
[1] You've got about 60 years of your life still to live
[2] Do you want to be her Father / Protector or gain a soulmate and partner in life?

That said, you're the one who has to find your ideal woman. Thinking you're trapped in a relationship due to your girlfriend's issues is only have you always thinking you're in this because of a negative reason – not because you're both ideal for each.

Play this light and easy game with her and be honest in saying that it's about just how compatible you are for each other and a starting point for some good conversation in finding middle ground with which to move forward.

– what do you both love about life?
– what experiences do you still wish to experience?
– where can your current relationship improve, for you as an individual and for you both as a couple?
– where do you both want to be in life in 5 years time, personally and professionally?
– what do you love about the other person?

Do it on a piece of paper. You might want to do it in stages too as it'll take some brain-power and time. Once each stage is done by each, swap with each other, have a coffee ready, peruse and then discuss. Preface this with it's about loving discovery.