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Hi James – thanks for stopping by.

A couple of immediate statements to start with:

[1] You're still very young when it comes to relationships and you're going to be a part of (probably) many to come.
[2] This is also going to be a time when you have to grow and ‘man up' too.

On point [1], your youth dictates you're both inquisitive as well as exploratory. I'd hope this new girl who you say is flirty isn't the only reason you're interested in her. The charms of the female have led many a guy astray. I'd also hope she has some substance to her and you're interested in her for more than her looks, flirtatious nature and external beauty.

That said, this brings me to point [2].

You're highly likely (and probably should) be looking at exploring this new relationship opportunity. The ‘man up' I was referring to is in not being a ‘chicken shit' who's afraid of telling the truth, despite a high likelihood of causing someone emotional pain.

And the emotional pain will be with your current girlfriend. She's going to feel betrayed and let down by you – you can bank on that happening. You will need to be strong as well as try your very best in explaining your situation to her and use calm as well as diplomacy. At no point is any of this her fault. There isn't any fault actually.

Does any of this make sense?